Cleveland CycleWerks (CCW) is an established motorcycle company with affordable, cool looking motorcycles being sold in over 23 countries.  Yet, it’s time to evolve.  The e-mobility industry is growing at an exponential rate with no signs of slowing down.  New technology is being introduced on electric vehicles on a weekly basis.  The industry is ripe with innovation and acceptance to disruptive technology.

CCW launched their very first electric vehicle, the Falcon Black and Falcon 01.  A two cycle platform that will feature new technology the US market’s haven’t seen before.  An affordable solution for riders at all skill levels.

A new brake hasn’t been introduced to the motorcycle industry in over 50 years.  A design fundamentally different made for the 21st century.  We at Sphere Brakes have partnered with CCW to launch the world’s first hydraulic sphere brake (HSB) on the Falcon Black.  The HSB provides unprecedented value to both OEM’s and riders.  It’s the first brake that doesn’t require tools to change brake pads.  The mass of the brake is closer to the centerline of the e-motorcycle improving overall stability and handling.  It also has the fewest parts in the market, providing a lightweight affordable solution for ease of integration.



FEATURES of the world’s first hydraulic sphere brake:

• Tool-Free Pad Changes Without Removing The Wheels
• Easy, DIY Maintenance
• Small Form-Factor
• Less Rotating Mass / Lightweight
• Fewer Parts / Less Complexity
• Maximum Braking Surface Area
• Cost Competitive to Current Standards




The HSB Innovation Paper detailing the theory and science behind the technology can be procured at:  https://www.truedisruption.com/product/hydraulic-sphere-brake-innovation-paper/

Learn more about the Falcon here:  https://clevelandcyclewerks.com/clevelandcyclewerks-falcon